67-68 Buddy Bucket Seat Covers
67-72 Buddy Bucket FRAMES
to replace bench seat frames


pick Color of hounds tooth or Regular vinyl

Pick type of vinyls

STRESSED - One tone
Horizontal Roll Tuck Pleats

Pick color of TWEED and vinyls

One tone
insert FULL Horizontal Roll Tuck
Pick Type of vinyls

One tone
Pick Everyday Driver LLL vinyl or High End LLL Vinyl
Horizontal roll tuck insert

Two tone colors
Pick Everyday Driver LLL vinyl or High End LLL Vinyl
Horizontal roll tuck insert

Two TONE High END LLL vinyl

WELT CORD Alternate Color
may have to pick from regular vinyl for welt cord
to get exact color you want

pick Color of hounds tooth or vinyl

pick Color of hounds tooth or LLL vinyl

Biscuit top
Pencil Roll Pleat Houndstooth

Waterfall - One tone or two tone
insert 3 Horizontal Roll Tuck Pleats
Pick Type of vinyls

Regular vinyl, Horizontal roll tuck insert
WELT CORD Alternate Color


One Tone

Two Tone

Pick type of cloth and vinyls

Pick color of TWEED and vinyls

Pick Type vinyls

Pick type of vinyls

Pick types of vinyl and WELT CORD Alternate Color

This one you have to Drop ship the Plaid cloth to us.

Fits: 60-72 Chevy Truck
No Modifications to floor mounts

Buckets Bucket (COMPLETE) Frames !

WE sell New Custom built frames Styled like the Buddy Bucket
for you to replace your Bench Seat frame
with your selection of STYLE of Covers
and Colors Combinations
and type's of fabrics (pick from colors page)
we DO NOT sell frame ONLY
ONLY sell COMPLETE frame with covers installed
Call for pricing (931) 388-3022
Shipping (truck pallet)
Needed: Complete Address to check shipping charges

Buddy Bucket & Console
Fits: 47-55 1st series Chevy Truck
will have to remove floor Pan Skirt unit

Both buckets slide for leg comfort
they slide forward to
expose back of cab.
Comes with 16" cup holder in top buddy
unless you request 14" no cup holders

Notice inside of metal box is lined to stop rattles

16" Cup holder Buddy TOP

Selling Separately for your original Buddy Unit
EACH are COMPLETE ONLY ready to bolt on your frame
New foam, wood and T-nuts cover INSTALLED
extra shipping cost, they do not fit box with bucket covers

16" Cup HOLDER Buddy Top unit
if you order with covers Extra $100.00
if you wait till later $162.50

Buddy Bottom Unit

if you order with cover Extra $60.00
if you wait till later $100.00

we also sell just the foam Bullets for the center BUDDY units

TOP (2-piece) $50.00

BOTTOM (1-piece) $25.00

WE also sell New Custom built Door Panels
with Custom built Arm Rest to match
your Seat cover as well
special order in different
Combinations of colors and vinyls

68 Buddy Buckets Seat Covers
includes the velcro strap and vinyl Gas tank curtain
and the 50" Strip to cover metal Jack box
Need to know if you need these items with covers
covers Only Fit 67-68 Chevy FRAME
Check your BUDDY:
Most are 14" Top ( buddy back rest ) but there is a 16" top

Methods of Payment

Cash, Checks, Postal Money Orders


Rick's Custom Upholstery
2543 Taylor Rd. Columbia, TN 38401
(931) 388-3022 / (931) 626-7030