Double Bar Grill Chevy Truck Seat Cover

#9DB2CW (Stagger Length) Inserts (ALTERNATE Color)
Welt cord Alternate color

#9DB2CW (Stagger Length) Inserts (ALTERNATE Color)
Welt cord Alternate color

Roll Pleat Inserts (Hounds Tooth cloth)(Stagger Length)

#1DB3C (Stagger Length)

#8DB3C2I (Stagger Length)
Cloth Insert - (VELOUR or TWEED)

#3DB2C (Stagger Length)

#5DB3C (2-length)


#7DB2C Full inserts (STAGGER LENGTH)

#2DB (Stitched simulated) Full insert
Options: Different color thread
Different Type Cloth Insert


there are 2 Lengths of bar grills

(2-LENGTH) same length
SET Two is:
(STAGGER LENGTH) one is shorter than the other
When you order, set of bars you Prefer

OPTIONS: EACH color can be changed to suit imagination
availble in roll pleat or Roll Tuck
TYPES of Fabric's:
Regular vinyl, LLL vinyl, Cloth's

Methods of Payment

Cash, Checks, Postal Money Orders


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931-388-3022 / 931-626-7030